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News from Barbara Jane Reyes (Review up at Pedestal Magazine)

Barbara Jane Reyes wrote us recently and let us know that Collin Kelly’s review of her new book poeta en san francisco (Tinfish Press 2006) is up at the Pedestal Magazine. You can check it out here.

Click on the book below to go to Amazon and get your own copy of this award-winning collection.


News from Jared Carter (New Book)

Jared Carter sent us word of his new book, Cross this Bridge at a Walk, just out (June 2006) from Wind Publications in Kentucky –

At this URL – describes the book as follows:

The sixteen narrative poems and monologues in Jared Carter’s fourth collection of poems range across the American landscape from New England to the Midwest. Some take place during the American Revolution and the Civil War, while others date from the Great Depression or the period following the Second World War.

The phrase “Cross this Bridge at a Walk” is a traditional sign that may still be seen posted at the entrances of the many nineteenth-century covered bridges that survive in rural areas throughout Carter’s native Indiana. Opinion differs about what the sign meant to persons riding or driving horses a hundred and fifty years ago.

Some believe that galloping a horse across such a bridge would have set up rhythmic vibrations that could have been dangerous to the bridge’s structure. Others suggest it was simply a “No Speeding” sign for an occasionally congested area. Appropriately, the author offers one of his own photographs of a covered-bridge interior for the book’s front cover. This interior image invites us into a mysterious, shadowy, sun-dappled world. It is an old-fashioned Hoosier invitation to take one’s time with the poems to be found within.

Jared Carter is a Midwestern poet, based in Indianapolis, with three previous collections published during the last twenty-five years.

You can read about his earlier books on my web site at If you roll the curser over any of the three boxes and click on the thumbnails, more information will appear.