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ANNOUNCE: Boxcar Poetry Review Issue 7 is Up

Boxcar Poetry Review celebrates its first anniversary in grand style — check it out here

In this issue:

Aaron Anstett
Lyn Barzilai
Tamiko Beyer
Sarah Browning
Edward Byrne
Susan Grimm
Mary Crockett Hill
Matt Mason
Benjamin Morris
James Owens
Lynn Strongin
Lenore Wilson

Arlene Ang

Emily Fragos’ Little Savage – reviewed by Scott Hightower

Interviews & Conversations
The Lyric Leap: Conversation between Thomas Heise and Jason Schneiderman

Also check out the About page for a sneak preview of the 2006 anthology’s cover.

Great poems. Great prose. Great photography.

Happy birthday Boxcar Poetry Review!


ANNOUNCE: Boxcar Poetry Review Issue 6 Is Up

The first issue of 2007 is up! Check out latest great poetry, reviews, interviews, and photography.

Read it here.

Featuring work from the following:

Arlene Ang
Aaron Anstett
Lana Hechtman Ayers
Brent Fisk
Ann Wood Fuller
Do Gentry
Jude Goodwin
Matthew Little
Marty McConnell
Heather Salus
Erin Elizabeth Smith
Florencia Varela

Michael Catherwood’s Dare ~ reviewed by Jason Kahler
Patrick Donnelly’s The Charge ~ reviewed by Tara Gorvine

Conversation Between First Book Poets: Alexander Long and Kate Northrop (Part 2/2)

Ed Heckerman

2006 Best of the Net Anthology News

Congratulations to both Patrick Rosal and Stephen Powers whose poems were selected by Paul Guest for inclusion in the 2006 Best of the Net Anthology! Boxcar poets did well overall, with Patricia Bostian’s “Winter Solstice” and Rob Baum’s “Fields of Peace” both placing as finalists. You can read the anthology online here

Selected for the Anthology
Stephen Powers – “Sunday After” (Mar 2006)
Patrick Rosal – “The Blue Room” (May 2006)

Rob Baum – “Fields of Peace” (May 2006)
Patricia Bostian – “Winter Solstice” (Mar 2006)

ANNOUNCE: Boxcar Poetry Review Issue 5 Is Up

New issue of Boxcar Poetry Review is up

Read it here


Theresa Boyar
Jared Carter
George David Clark
Jack Conway
Iris Dunkle
Ann Wood Fuller
Evelyn Lauer
Matt Merritt
Corey Mesler
Sally Molini
Matthew Olzmann
Brian Simoneau

First Book Poets in Conversation: Alexander Long and Kate Northrop (Part 1/2)

Kathryn Maris’ Book of Jobs ~ reviewed by Greg Santos

Arthur Westover

FIRST BOOK OUT: “Dare” by Michael Catherwood (Backwaters Press)

Congratulations to Michael Catherwood! He just wrote and let us know that his first book “Dare” has been published and is now available through Backwaters Press.

You can read more about it on the Backwaters Press site here.

Boxcar Poetry Review – Web Statistics for July

Just a quick report for those curious about web statistics for the most recent issue of Boxcar Poetry Review

For the month of July

Page Loads: 1108
Unique Visitors: 821
Return Visits: 190

Now that’s impressive for a third issue!

Boxcar Poetry Review with Blog

With Issue 3’s arrival, Boxcar Poetry Review has added a blog to post news and announcements between issues, as well as to keep you posted of the launch of new issues. You can also post your comments and responses directly to each post.

Stay tuned for more.